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The Best, Easy to Follow, Guide to Forties Fashion Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories that Fit and Flatter Your Body Perfectly!

1941's fashion

The 1940′s Style Guide: The Complete Illustrated Guide to 1940′s Fashion for Women will teach you all about forties fashion history and save you hours of time and hassle searching for forties clothes with 160 shopping links to online retailers. Plus forties hair and makeup guides! You won’t have to waste another minute figuring out what to wear or where to shop for the next WWII USO party, Swing Dance, or Forties Fashion event!

I just finished reading your book and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! I had no idea that so many beautiful images and great information could fit within 70 pages. The 1940′s Style Guide is a fantastic resource for students, designers and admirers of vintage fashions. It’s packed with valuable information as well as multiple images of 1940′s fashions on each page.” – Brittany Sherman,


1940's Retro Clothing

In this book you will lean:

  • All about 40’s clothing history- understanding why certain events (like WWII) influenced fashion design .Without knowing the history, you may think some of the fashions or reasons for wearing certain clothing seem weird. Once you understand why you’ll be a lot more excited to wear shoulder pads or a girdle under you retro clothes!
  • Every section has detailed descriptions of each item of clothing from hats on down to shoes. Each description will tell you about the colors, materials, trim and accessories that made each item distinctive to the 1940’s. PLUS over 140 photographs and illustrations of 1940’s clothing and accessories complement each item. You will see retro dresses, jewelry, purses, hats, swimsuits and more from vintage photographs, color photographs, sewing patterns and graphic illustrations. You won’t be scratching your head wondering what a vintage “shirtwaist dress” looks like- it is illustrated right along with the text.

Here is what the 1940’ Style Guide clothing chapters include:

  • Dresses
  • Women’s Suits
  • Blouses
  • Sweaters

    1940's Swimsuits

  • Pants
  • Play Clothes
  • Swimwear
  • Work Clothes- Factory “Rosie’s,” Military service women and office workers
  • Evening Wear
  • Clothes for Teens
  • Clothes for Zoot Suit Rebels
  • Shoes – Vintage, reproduction or modern shoes
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Jewelry
  • Lingerie
  • Hosiery
  • Sleepwear
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Modern 1940’s Inspired Clothing

Wow. What a list! No topic has been left out. It would take you 10 books or 100 websites to find all of these items discussed. That makes this the most complete reference book on the market.

1940's victory suits

1940's Victory Suits

I like the fact that you covered all basis, that’s what really sold me on the book. It’s easy to find information on say, the new look or the hairstyles, but it is so hard to find information on lingerie, nightwear or even just day to day wear.” Jody P.

The director requested that I keep a 1940’s feel to the costuming. Your ebook saved my life. I plan to put it on my ipad and hit the thrift stores.” Nicole. F

If the book stopped with just 1940’s clothing it would be good. But it gets better …

How to Tutorials:

1940's victory roll hairstyle

  • Hair Styles –Clothing is only half the battle to pulling off the correct 40’s look- hair and make up is the other. Tutorials include 3 hairstyles for day and evening wear that work on most hair types.
  • Makeup- Simple and historically accurate application guide (unlike most makeup tutorials online which use the wrong shades and modern products.)
  • Making a Girdle – You’d be surprise how quick and cheap you can make your own girdle.
  • How to Sew 1940′s Clothing – Starting advice on sewing with vintage or reproduction patterns, fabrics and notions.

Do you want to wear forties fashions?

The good news is there are a lot of vintage thrift stores, new clothing manufactures, and pattern makers that specialize in selling forties fashions.

Shopping choices are more plentiful than ever. HOWEVER that doesn’t make it easy. Despite ALL the great options you can spend months searching for accurate forties fashion style information and clothing. With the 1940’s Style Guide you will have all the information and best shopping websites at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Plus you can complete your outfit with vintage 40’s shoes, hats, bags, jewelry and underwear!

I have received the copy of your book, and I congratulate you on producing it. I agree with you that it is very hard to find an informative (and easy to follow) guide. I have lots of 1940s fashion books, but they don’t seem to cross the line into something anyone can follow. Well done you.” – Sylvia O.

And the best part of the 1940’ Style Guide…..

Links, Links Links! Here is the real time saver. I have scoured the web for months searching for the best online shops, websites, blogs, and books about 1940’s clothing. Most of these amazing websites never show up in online searches- you have to dig deep to find the best ones.

With over 160 links you can:

  • Purchase a ready made new or 1940’s retro clothing and accessories (representing the USA, UK, NZ, and AU)
  • Buy patterns to make vintage or reproduction forties retro clothes
  • Hire a seamstress to make custom clothing and accessories for you.
  • Read websites, books and articles about the history of 1940’s Fashion
  • See more how to guides on hair and make up application.
  • Follow blogs from other 1940’s fashion enthusiasts

Take a peak inside these sample pages from the 1940’s Style Guide and see for yourself just how amazing it is. Click the inside arrows to flip the page. Use the zoom key to enlarge the text.

Now you can see for yourself the 1940’ Style Guide will:

  • Save You Time- researching 1940’s fashion styles
  • Eliminate Frustration- Learn from the multiple how to tips and tutorials throughout the book
  • Stop You from Overpaying- for clothing listed in the top search results only. The hundreds of shopping links will show you the best places to shop at prices you can afford.


  • Prevent you from buying ugly clothes!

With the FREE Bonus Book 1940′s Fashion for Your Body Type you won’t fall into the trap of buying forties fashion clothing that look good on the mannequin but awful on you.

1940's dress

This book tells you what day, evening, and swimwear will look best on your body type. Whether your body shape is an apple, pear, straight, or hourglass there are 1940′s clothing just for you. As much as we would like to think every gorgeous retro 40′s dress would look amazing on us- the truth is they won’t. Each body type has it’s challenges dressing in any era of clothing. The 1940′s were no different. With this book you will learn what styles of clothing will flatter your best features and minimize areas you rather not show off. Follow my advice before shopping and you will avoid making a bad purchase. FREE when you buy the the 1940′s Style Guide.

How about another FREE gift?

%10 off coupon for one of the most affordable forties inspired clothing retailers online: Use this coupon to start your forties inspired wardrobe! Free with book purchase.

1940s fashion coupon

More good news: By purchasing the book you will be given FREE updated copies for life. That means you will get a revised 1940’s Style Guide ebook absolutely free anytime I add or update links, add new content and pictures, or revise information. With each new update the price will go up. By purchasing now you will be buying at the lowest price available today!


1940's dress

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